this is a list made in order to put the things that bother me
and those that do not, all for the purpose of trying overcomes my problems.

positive things about me:

- I force myself to do things that I would not like to do to please others. I guess tha's what I'm good for more than anything.
- I guess sometimes I'm pretty, sometimes
- I'm creative and a little artsy...

negative things about me:

- sometimes I think about suicide a lot of time
- I am very nervous, I cry when I am very nervous, I despair and my head hurts too much.
- I'm so stalker sometimes it hurts me seriously
- I become very obsessive and dependent
- I'm more aware of anger than anything else, I don't know how to control it, it makes me too difficult
- I have very low self-esteem, and I always think she was prettier, I think any girl is prettier than me
- I get very sad easily.
- I think she's better than me, although I’ve already been told no, there's something in my brain that blocks that
- I'm so skinny, so much so that they tell me I suck and I should eat more, but I swear it's involuntary, I don't realize, and when I eat more I want to vomit. I hate when they think I’m doing this because I hate my looks, it's not true, I'm nervous and I don't want to eat.
- I'm too sensitive, so much that you can't tell me something bad or get mad at me because I start to cry
- I think they can manipulate me easily and I won't notice
- I get to be disgusting sometimes
- I am very distracted and I have a hard time concentrating currently
- I have very fat legs these days, I feel too swollen
- I have a hard time keeping up and starting conversations
- I lose interest in things easily
- I am very resentful on many occasions
- I spend it sad and remembering the past most of the time
- I want to puke right now
- I don't like to talk about my problems or what happens to other people, I guess that's why I'm writing.

things I like:

things i don't like:

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